MADE: The Road Ahead


Thank you all so much for joining us during our first series where we shared the heart, vision, and prayers behind Made for Today. We hope that you were encouraged, uplifted, and that you felt the love of your Maker. You are so very precious to Him and to us!

Everything we do here at MADE is to help you get closer to being the woman God has made you to be. Nothing excites us more than women embracing who they are in Christ and blossoming as fellow creators. Whether you create with your hands or your heart, we hope to have something special for you.

We want MADE to be a safe place for you to step out and try new things. You can expect a lot of discussion, tutorials, and tips for making, cooking, and living life to the fullest. Fellow makers will share their encouraging stories of finding their passions, creating, inspiring, collaborating, and rising as women in today’s world.

The road ahead is filled with expectancy and excitement. We are expecting God to move in a big way and we are excited to walk the road He is revealing to us.

We are praying for you all and hope that you will continue to be fellow sojourners with us.


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