Easy and Budget Friendly Galentine’s Day Gifts–Free Printable Included!


While traditionally Valentine’s Day has been the the holiday of romance with candle lit dinners, boxes of chocolates, and red roses, we believe the holiday can be about celebrating love in all of its capacities.  One great way is by starting a “Gal”entine’s Day tradition with your girlfriends.

Can we just say, we are not here to put another thing on your plate.  Our intention is that you will focus on growing your relationships and nurturing those you have.  Galentines could simply mean you take the time to write a note to a girlfriend, or pick up the phone and call her.  We want to encourage you to reach out and love a friend or two.  If you want to do a little something for your friends, then continue reading.

We have a cute, budget friendly, and did we mention EASY gift for you to make for all of your gal-pals.  These little red rose earrings will make your friends swoon and at less $0.50 a packaged pair, you can make them for ALL of your friends!


You will need:
-red oven-bake clay (we used Sculpey)
-parchment paper
-paring knife (or clay cutting tools)
-earring post
-earring backs
-straight pin
-E6000 glue
-Pre-Cut hearts or another card stock (a fun Valentine print or pink)
-white card stock
-small cellophane bags
-this printable: Galentine Gift Tags


Step 1: Lay down a piece of parchment paper to work on. Break off one section of the clay and work it in your hands to warm it. Roll it into a cylinder about the initial size of the piece and then cut it into six equal pieces.


Step 2: Cut each of those pieces in half and roll into long skinny cylinders about two inches long. Working with one cylinder at a time, cut the cylinder into 6 equal pieces. This will be your first rose. Gently roll the clay between your finger to form small balls, then place each ball on the wax paper and press firmly to flatten the clay into a small circle.


Step 3: Here is the tricky part. Gently lift the first circle and shape it into the smallest petal by rolling it into itself. Then take the remaining five pieces and wrap them around the middle piece, slowly building as you go along. Be careful to bend the petals slightly back as you go. Once all 6 pieces are in place, gently cut the bottom off so that the flower has a flat bottom.

Step 4: Continue with making flowers until you have the desired amount made then place roses on a baking sheet and follow the directions on the clay package.

Step 5:  While those dry, you can prep the tags that will hold the earrings. If you do not have pre-cut hearts, you can use Valentine card stock or any card stock to cut out a heart or rectangle and using a straight pin, poke two holes, evenly spaced to attach the earrings.


Step 6: Once the roses are baked and cooled, apply a small amount of E6000 to the rose and attach an earring rod. Allow to dry.


Step 7: Attach the earrings to the card by sliding them through the hole and then slipping the backs into place. Place earrings inside the cellophane bags and staple the gift tag at the top.  How cute are these little gifts?!



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