Jessica and Jami’s Kitchen Favorites

It doesn’t take long to quickly discover the kitchen tools that you just can’t live without. You know, the ones that you always have to pull out of the dishwasher because you simply cannot cook your dinner without them. Here are five of our favorites.

#1 Pampered Chef Batter Bowls


Jessica: When you’re a stay at home mom and military wife you go to Pampered Chef parties. It’s just what you do. Well, it’s at least what I did. One of my favorite purchases was the Batter Bowls. Favorite features: measurements on the side, lids for easy fridge storage, and pour spout. When your family eats as many pancakes as ours, a pour spout is critical!

#2 Wusthof Santoku Knife


Jessica: Do not attempt to increase your culinary skill without investing in a quality knife. I’m not a knife expert and I’m pretty sure I bought this because Rachael Ray had one that looked like it. Favorite features: those little divots (which improve food separation), it has a full-tang (which means the metal from the blade runs all the way through the handle…it makes for a sturdier knife), and it’s SUPER sharp. And I mean, come on, you just feel like a pro hacking at your onion with this bad boy.

Garlic Press


Jami (and Jessica too!): If you have ever hand chopped garlic, you know how sticky and smelly that task can be. Hours later you may be sipping some tea before bed and you can still smell the garlic on your fingers…and that is after washing your hands three times since chopping and bathing the kids.  But let me tell you, a garlic press is magical!  Favorite features: you don’t have to peel the garlic, easy clean-up, no stinky, sticky mess.

Prep Bowls

Jami: I did Blue Apron for awhile (more on that later) and one thing the recipes have you do is get everything prepped and ready prior to turning on that skillet.  I had never used my prep bowls so efficiently!  I would get everything chopped and ready and then when it came time to put everything together, I simply poured in the ingredients (rather than chopping as I went).  Favorite Features: convenient size, Pyrex quality glass (meaning you can drop these babies and they aren’t going to break), they make you feel like a real sous chef.

 Pampered Chef Silicone Spatulas

Jami: What can we say?  We are totally biased and think that your whole kitchen should be stocked with Pampered Chef, but seriously, it’s just such great quality!  These are great because they can scrape a bowl clean!  They are also great to use when making scrambled eggs.  Favorite features: heat resistant, dishwasher safe, comes in multiple sizes, silicone-so they bend and mold to fit any shape.  The only downside is for those of you who like to lick the bowl…there isn’t anything left…

So, there you have it. Our kitchen favorites. What has made it to the top of your kitchen list?


2 thoughts on “Jessica and Jami’s Kitchen Favorites

  1. Stacy says:

    Love the post and will be watching for a few of these the next time I attend a Pampered Chef party! I have one more for you – a really good peeler. Well worth a little extra to get a good one.


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