Featured Maker: Rich Love Shoppe

Once a month we like to feature a Maker Woman who has taken the step to share her craft with the world. This can take shape in so many different capacities and it is our hope that you will learn something new and be inspired to take the leap and follow your dream. This month I thought I would share my experience being a maker so you can get to know  the gal behind Rich Love Shoppe.


I have been a crafter all my life. It is kind of a family legacy. I come from a long line of women whose creativity has always inspired me. When I was eight years old, my aunt taught me how to hand sew. Making throw pillows became my hobby. When I was nine, my great grandmother taught me how to crochet. Suddenly all of my Barbie dolls had matching hats and skirts. In high school I learned how to use a sewing machine and I made quilts and later on clothing. In college I got into graphic design and creating something beautiful on the computer became my outlet. Now crafting with my children is one of my favorite things.

I have always considered sharing my designs and my crafts with others, but only recently did I find my niche. I found a way to combine my love of graphic design and beautiful jewelry to inspire and encourage people. Owning my own business has always been a scary, but exciting thought. With the encouragement of my husband, I set out to open my own Etsy shop. I did a ton of pre-launch marketing via Instagram and on my launch day I had two orders! I was ecstatic; they were of course from people I knew, but the fact that my friends wanted to support my endeavor meant the world to me! A few weeks after my launch I had my first “stranger” order and the business just started to blossom.

I started doing Maker Markets and Craft Fairs. It was so much fun to see people appreciate my art and talk to people who had seen my shop online! I also got new ideas from the amazing women who would stop by my booth.  I also reached out to some subscription boxes and had my items featured there as well.  But the biggest surprise?  The other maker friends I made at these fairs and through Instagram. There is this amazing support community of women who all want to see each other succeed and we help each other in any way possible.


Last Spring I took on a mountain of an order when I agreed to work with the subscription OwlCrate and handmade 10,000 bracelets! I pulled together a team of friends and family and we spent our evening and weekends elbow deep in Mod Podge and E6000. Somehow, we did it and it was such a huge triumph for me. I look back at the last two years and I see such amazing growth in myself.

Finding a way to create beautiful items that hold so much meaning to people has meant the world to me. I have no idea where this sweet ride God has placed me on is going to go, but all I know is that sharing his love and word through my shop is just such a blessing!

“Whatever your hands find to do,
do it with all your might.”
Ecclesiastes 9:10 

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