Quick Chalkboard Cheat


There are not many things that can hold my attention. Flash back to that time I tried to learn how to quilt. Way too much stamina required to make it to the finish line. That would explain why the quilt top I started back in ’09 is still not finished.

I love this quick chalkboard cheat because, as long as I stick to a simple design, I can be done in a jiffy and the finished product makes me seem so fancy. When my friend, Amanda, turned to me for some help with a mimosa bar sign, I was happy to oblige!

Chalkboard surface
A design; scaled and printed to fit your surface
Chalk Pencil


Step 1: Using a regular piece of chalk, rub the back of your printed design. You can see that I got a little chalk crazy and it makes the next steps a bit more difficult.

Step 2: Flip your paper over and gently lay it on your chalkboard surface. You can tape down your design if needed.

Step 3: With a pencil, trace over the outline of your design. Be sure to take a tiny peek as you go to make sure your design is transferring. Be careful to keep your hand elevated off of your project so avoid unnecessary chalk transfer. You can see I didn’t do the best job on that.

Step 4: Once your design is transferred, use chalk to go back and fill in your design. My secret weapon is the Allary Chalk Cartridge set. I don’t have to try and sharpen regular chalk sticks and it includes colored chalk sticks as well. A must have for any chalkboard enthusiast!


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