Why You Should Be Meal Planning


When I told my friend Stacy that I actually sit down and plan my meals out for the week, she looked at me like I had lost my mind. But after helping her try it out for a few weeks, she may be hooked. Here’s why.

#1 You save money

When you go to the store with a plan, you’re less likely to buy items that you don’t actually need. You can also take advantage of shopping the grocery store ads. Plan your meals around the items that are on sale, especially your higher priced items like meat, fish, or poultry

#2 You save time

If you focus more of your time on meal planning, you can actually get ahead and save time in the long run. If you already know what meals you’re making for the week you can spend a little time prepping on the weekend and save yourself from the dinnertime chaos during the week. Stacy and I have a sweet deal. When possible, we get together and I do all the chopping and food related work and she does the dishes. That’s a win in my book.

#3 You can focus on health

When dinnertime rolls around and there are no dinner plans, you’re more likely to grab the heavily processed items from the pantry. It would be lovely if I didn’t have those processed items to begin with, but who are we kidding, sometimes I just want some mac and cheese. Even worse, you may end up hitting the “golden arches” on your way home from work. Who doesn’t love a Big Mac every once in a while, but we sure don’t want that to become a habit.

#4 You are less wasteful

Stacy used to hit the grocery stores, sans a weekly meal plan, and buy the items she knew she might need for the meals she might make. This just meant that more food was sitting untouched and often times spoiled before she had a chance to make it. When you meal plan you actually cook the food you intend to cook. You can even plan your leftovers accordingly so you throw out much less waste.


3 thoughts on “Why You Should Be Meal Planning

  1. Meggan Sawyer says:

    Great reminder! It always feels good when the meals are planned and you actually have the ingredients to make the meals instead of a bunch of stuff that looked good in the store, but really don’t go together. Thanks for keeping it real too.


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