Shop Responsibly

Most women love to shop. I am not most women. My very petite frame combined with my unshapely figure makes clothes shopping a nightmare. My husband also tells me that I’m ridiculously frugal so spending a lot of money on myself is tough for me. I enjoy shopping so much more if I’m buying something for my home or for a friend!

Shopping, regardless of where we fall on the spectrum of affections towards this activity, can really make an impact when we use our money to shop small, shop local, or shop with a purpose.

Now don’t get me wrong. I still shop the big box stores, so there is no guilt attached. We don’t believe in that here. I have found though, that small, intentional steps are key to shopping more responsibly.

For example, we go to Redbox. All. The. Time. But we are also mindful of the little family owned video rental shop that still exists in the shopping center near our neighborhood. So we make a point to rent movies from them every once in awhile.

I can easily walk into Target or Sephora and buy all of my skin care and makeup items, and for the most part I do, but I decided to start buying moisturizer from my esthetician. It’s more expensive, but I’m supporting a local, woman owned business so I feel good about it. I am working on deciding what I’ll start buying from her next!

When I need to buy a gift for my husband, I make sure I take a peek in our local skate shop to see if they have some shirts or hats he would enjoy. I have slowly made shopping local a priority. I don’t do it all the time, but I try to be intentional about it.

Now, you can’t shop local at these places, unless of course, you live in my town. So we encourage you to look around your neighborhood and see how you can support your local economy.

Here are a few of our favorite businesses that help us shop with a purpose. The best part is that you can shop them too, because they’re all online!

Noonday Collection

My first Noonday Collection purchase. Made with love in India.

Better Life Bags

My custom, handmade Sydney Better Life Bag . Love that I can pick everything from the leather color, fabrics, and hardware down to the amount and types of pockets inside.



Grrrnola is one of my favorite local finds, and Bets (the creative extraordinaire behind this delicious goodness) is just so sweet!  You have to taste this stuff!  I recommend the White Chocolate Lavender.


Etsy is such a fun way to support little mama shops!  This is a snapshot of my collage wall that was almost entirely purchased through Etsy!  Some of my favorites: Jelly Bird Designs, Heather N Designs, Cari’s Canvas, The Banner Girls, The Rustic 4, Just Add Sunshine, and Teal and Orange (just to name a few!)

Happy shopping ladies!




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