The Table Creative Story

A few years ago, my friend Suzanne and I started hosting craft days for a group of our friends. We would pick a project, do all the planning and shopping, set up tables, and when our friends arrived we would all create together.

There would be snacks, and laughter, and paint, and glue, and all the craft things would be everywhere. It was a blast.

Then life just happened, and we stopped planning these days. Fast forward a year or more, add in a lot of restlessness, prayer, and struggling with God and in October of 2016 the first rendition of Table Creative was born (little did I know this would be my baby step towards the vision of MADE!).

Table Creative is just a very small, private Facebook group where I invite my friends, and their friends, a place at my maker’s table. It was a place to inspire, encourage, nurture, and create together.

While my new Table Creative events were very similar to the ones Suzanne and I organized, there was one big shift. Instead of making a project alongside my friends, I pre-make the project, work out the kinks (mostly), so that I can help them through the creative process. Snacks, laughter, and all the craft things still included!


After a few months of planning, praying, and have a total blast putting this in motion, we are thrilled to let you know that…

…You’re Invited to the Table!

Jami and I are so excited to bring Table Creative to our amazing MADE community. Table Creative combines the creative process with fun, authentic, faith-filled fellowship. It’s a community of makers that is centered on the Maker.

Every quarter MADE will release a Table Creative Project Guide that includes everything you’ll need to organize, plan, and execute a successful Table Creative event. Each guest will leave with a completed project, a smile on her face, and a bit of God’s word in her heart.

Would you join us at the table?

Find out how to bring Table Creative to your home town during our LIVE Google Hangout on Monday, March 27 at 8:30 PST.  We know your time is precious so we will do our best to keep the Hangout under an hour. You’ll get to hear all the behind the scenes details to hosting your own Table Creative event. And there will even be some prizes given away LIVE during the Hangout! You don’t want to miss being part of our Table Creative Launch!

Please fill out this form to receive your Google Hangouts invitation.

Click the photo below for your personal invitation from us!





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