Bad Mommy. Very Kind Daddy.

There was this one time when I was a “bad” mommy. Actually there are many times when I have felt like I haven’t quiet measured up as a mom (measured up to what, I’m not sure), but this one time in particular rocked me to my core and honestly made me feel like the worst mom on planet Earth.

My son was about 4 months old and we were watching my husband play softball. Being a new mommy there were many things I was still learning. Cutting little baby fingernails was one of those things. It’s quite terrifying to put a sharp object near those teeny tiny little fingers and just hope you don’t accidentally catch the skin. So, while my son slept I pulled him out of his car seat and got the job done. Whew! Glad that was done. When I put him back in, I didn’t buckle him up because, well, he was four months old and asleep, and I thought where could he possibly go?

Then there was the foul ball.

Oh that dang foul ball.

It almost hit my darling, sweet, sleeping baby!

It was time for us to find a new spot to sit. I decided we needed to get up higher in the bleachers so at least the people sitting around us might shield us the next time. So, I grabbed the baby carrier and started the trek up the stairs. I was no more than two or three steps up the bleachers when that fragile little 4 month old of mine rolls head first right out of his carseat…

onto the step of the bleacher…

down through the crack…

and right into the sand pit below!

(To this day I praise Jesus it wasn’t cement under there!).

I have never seen Cody jump a fence so fast in my life. I’m not even sure I actually saw him do it, but he was at my side so incredibly fast.

Anyways, to make a long story short(er), there were lots of tears from both baby and mama, an ambulance ride, some scans, and a very quiet drive home.

Worst. Mom. Ever.

Kindest. Husband. Ever.


Here’s why.

Not once did Cody raise his voice to me, become upset with me, blame me, or do anything other than make me feel like this mini tragedy could have happened to any mom on any given day. He was reassuring, and kind, and sweet, and gentle.

Had the roles been reversed and he were the one who had dropped my little miracle down the bleachers, “kind” would have been the last thing anyone would have said about me. I am quite confident that I would have yelled, and screamed, and blamed, and all the “how could you’s” and “what were you thinking’s” could not have been contained.

In our almost 15 years of marriage, this for sure sticks out as one of kindest things Cody has ever done in a moment when anyone would have understood his anger. I was quite angry at myself!

As I was reflecting on this event and thinking of how it relates to our Faith Focus of kindness, it reminded me of the passage in John 8 when the Pharisees bring a woman “caught in adultery” to Jesus.

Now this is Jesus we’re talking about here. Son of God. Creator of all things. Member of the Holy Trinity. This is a man who holds all authority, and all power, and all…well, all the stuff. It’s all His. He had every right to condemn this woman. She was, in fact, caught in sin. Anyone around would have understood his anger towards her. The Pharisees were hoping for it.

Instead, though, he dismisses (quite cleverly might I say) her accusers and has a one-on-one encounter with her. Rather than embarrass her more, He gives her hope. Pretty kind.

Women, there are going to be people who the world might say “deserve” to be the objects of our anger, wrath, and condemnation. Respond with the heart of Christ…in kindness.

This doesn’t mean become a doormat…

it doesn’t mean give others the green light for sin…

it doesn’t mean be weak.

It just means that whatever our response might be, it can be done in kindness. We pray that the Holy Spirit moves you and gives you the strength to choose kindness.

Just imagine what our world might look like if we all did.



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