The Giving Plate

I have wanted a Giving Plate for awhile. I mean the concept is so awesome!  Buy this gorgeous plate, then bake a yummy treat, and gift it to a friend with the intention of starting a chain reaction.

Then I had the idea of jumping on the Sharpie Art bandwagon and making one myself!

I started by designing this template on the computer and printing it out.  I bought a white plate from Dollar Tree, because…come on!  It’s $1!  You can download your own copy here.

Then I colored the back using a pencil and cut out around the circle.  This is very similar to the Chalkboard Cheat Jessica taught you about 😉

Next I taped the paper down and traced around all of the design using a pencil.

After I traced each part I pulled off the paper and had a light outline of where I would paint.

I used a Sharpie Oil-Based Paint pen to trace over the pencil marks.

I absolutely love how it turned out. Allow this to dry for 24 hours. I also added a Hand Wash label on the back.

After it has set for 24 hours, place it in a cool oven, turn the oven on to 425. Once the oven comes to 425, start the timer for 30 minutes. Once the timer goes off, let it cool in the oven.
Things to Note:

  • It doesn’t seem to work on colored plates
  • We read a lot of tutorials on the right way to do this. It seems that people get different results depending on the pen, plate, drying time…so you may have to do trial and error
  • We hope you love our free printable and give it a try!

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