Spring Succulents

We have this friend, Chrystal, who inspires us daily to love more, be kinder, and create beauty in so many different ways. Last week I got to hang out with her in her beautiful backyard.

Friends who know me, know that I have two black thumbs when it comes to gardening. If a plant even looks at me, it dies. Sad right?  But Chrystal has inspired me with her love of succulents and led me in making the sweetest little spring arrangement.

Are you just completely in love with this!?  She used duck eggs and brown chicken eggs for hers and I think when I do it again I would too!

Start with half egg shells that have been rinsed and dried.

Fill them with soil. (I jumped the gun a bit on that little guy 🙂

Spray the soil and get it quite wet. Chrystal says that succulents don’t ever need the soil this wet, but when you are trying to get them to root, they need it a little more moist.

Then the fun part was walking around Chrystal’s amazing little retreat of a backyard and finding baby succulents. Of course you can purchase some from a store or nursery, but if you have a friend that has succulents, consider asking if you can use some of the new little ones!

I’m just in love with this new little garden!  And what a darling little gift!


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