Helping Kids Show Kindness to Our Earth

“In his hand are the depths of the earth; the heights of the mountains are his also. The sea is his, for he made it, and his hands formed the dry land.”  Psalm 95:4-5

IMG_8221 (1)

Our world holds so much beauty.  You can’t look at it and even question The Maker’s existence.  The incredible thing is that he MADE it for US!  It seems to me that we owe it to him to be good stewards of this amazing gift.  We should also be teaching our children to love and appreciate our earth and how to take care of it.  I thought I would share a few ideas on ways you can begin to develop environmentally aware children.

Get outside and enjoy the world.

Life can get so busy and hectic, but taking time to really enjoy God’s creation is a must!  Studies show that getting outside not only makes us healthier, but also happier.  Teaching our children to appreciate the outdoors and all it has to offer is a great way to get them to want to take care of it.  In our family we love to go hiking.   When the kids were little, we wore them on our backs and hiked as a family.  Now we choose hikes that even our three year old can walk (no more than two miles!)


Recycle and compost!

Teaching your child how to recycle and reuse items is a great way for them to see start taking care of the Earth!  This could be as easy as having an extra trash container to put paper, bottles, and cans.  If you want to up the ante a bit, starting a compost bin is a great way for kids to see how even those creepy, crawly worms have a place in God’s creation.  I can totally walk you through this sometime 🙂


Start a small garden.

There is just something so magical about planting a seed and taking care of it.  When that first little plant pokes its way up above the soil, your kids will do a happy dance!  This does not have to be a huge garden, it could even be just a pot, but allowing them to do the planting and tending promotes a mindfulness that you just can’t teach from a book.



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