The Giving Plate Part 2


Remember the post we did a couple weeks ago with this plate?  We thought it would only be fitting to give you a recipe to go with it.  A sweet little recipe that you could share with a friend.  Have you ever seen “Pinterest Fails?”  Let me just tell you, this project could be a feature!

First we thought a naked cake would be a great idea!  But I had problems getting the frosting to work and it was oozing raspberries.  With too much working the side started to fall apart. IMG_8377

I ended up frosting it and topping it with raspberries for book club.  It wasn’t terrible, and it tasted delicious, just not what I had envisioned.


And then there was the mess… oh boy…what a mess!


Then I thought I would make mini donuts to go on the plate.  I went with just a boxed cake mix from Trader Joes, but the mix was so light that they were tearing as I pulled them out of the pan.


So I opted to pour the rest of the batter into my good old heart bundt pan.  (I of course forgot to take picture of that part.)  When it came out I drizzled some candy melts and sprinkles on top and called it good.


Was it Pinterest worthy?  Probably not.  But I want to just say right now that not everything has to be.  Taking the time to do something nice for others doesn’t always have to end in perfection, even though we would love it if it did.  Kindness is about giving some of your time to love on others.

In the end, I took the cake to work, on the plate, and left it in the staff lounge.  There was only one piece of cake left at the end of the day.  I hope my messy little heart cake blessed someone.


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