Hello May

May Faith Focus: Our Identity in Christ

I am so excited that it’s May. That joyous summer is almost here!

As women, May also brings us a pretty emotionally loaded holiday…Mother’s Day.

One thing is true about all humans is that we are born of a woman. It’s just how God made that whole thing work. It’s a common thread that we all share.

I remember taking the kids to the Samaritan’s Shelter a few years ago on Mother’s Day. We brought roses, fancy smelling body washes and sprays, nail files, hair bands, and lotions. We created a beautiful display and as women entered for their meal, we handed them a rose and let them pick a few things from the table. It was just our way of sharing something special with the women there.

One guest at the shelter was not so happy about what we were doing. When my kids offered her a rose, she rudely refused and marched away muttering things under her breath. My kids were momentarily caught off guard, but the next woman in line for a rose quickly grabbed their attention.

I was a little more shaken by the experience. It made me feel nervous, anxious, and confused. We had clearly offended this poor woman in some way and I just didn’t understand why. After all, we were just trying to be nice.

Later in the evening, the reason behind the woman’s response dawned on me. Mother’s Day is not a joyous holiday for everyone. Some women carry around deep hurts and wounds because of their mother. Not everyone has a mother who graciously models love, forgiveness, kindness, and goodness. That might be some of our stories, but not all of ours.

Maybe this woman had a mother who, for one reason or another, was unable to present in her life and that is a hurt she hasn’t let go of.

Maybe she had recently lost her mother and was still entrenched in the grieving process.

Maybe she has her own children whom she has hurt and wounded and she still carries the guilt of that with her.

Maybe she was never able to bear her own children and the pain and loss associated with that has left her cold and empty.

I don’t know what the real story is, but the road this woman had walked in her life has shaped who she is and how she views herself.

Every experience we have, and especially with the ones that we have with our Mother, or with the process of becoming a Mother, shapes and forms our identity and the way we see ourselves.

But the reality is that our Mother’s, whether good or bad, are still broken people living in a sinful world. They will fall short, they will disappoint, they will not always be who we want them to be.

There is one person who will never fall short, who will never disappoint, who is exactly who you need him to be…that is Christ. And we believe that we should let nothing form and frame our identity more than who we are in Him.

This month we encourage you to get into the Word and see just what God says about you. Do not let this world shape everything that you think about yourself. Let the Word of God settle on you this month (and our hope is for always!) as you reflect on who you are in Christ.


Click on the image above to download and print your memory verse for the month.


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