One Story

Aside from being Friday Eve, which is incredibly exciting in and of itself, we are also very excited to be launching a very special series on the blog this month.

If you’ve been hanging around the MADE site for awhile then you probably have a good idea of what were all about: embracing who we are as women made for this time and this place, created and called by our Maker, equipped for the task set before us.

If you’re new here, we suggest that you go back and read the series that launched the MADE site and shared our heart and vision for the site.

The Made Woman 
She is a Masterpiece
She is Able
She is Dynamic
She is Engaged 
One Story

This month we are focusing on our identity in Christ. We realize that we all have a very different story and that God has tenderly and uniquely written each word of our lives. What we hope to share in this series is that although God has penned a special story for each of us, we are all part of one story…God’s story of love and redemption for His people.

Through the One Story series, we will be introducing you to some incredible women who have very unique and special stories. Our prayer is that you will be able to see a little bit of yourself in the stories these women share. Most importantly, our prayer is that you will see the hand of God working in their lives and in yours.

Instead of being unable to see common ground between ourselves and others that are so different from us, we hope to bring unity through the realization that it is our identity in Christ that anchors us to the Father and to one another. Sure, we have all experienced different things in our lives that have influenced the way we see ourselves, but we were all created, loved, and redeemed by the same God, the same Jesus. No matter the road we have walked, we are part of the amazing story that God is unfolding…His one story for all mankind.


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