The non-Pinterest Table Makeover

We hope that during this first week of focusing on our identity in Christ, that you are beginning to transform the way you think of yourself because of knowing how God thinks of you.

Reflecting on this process of seeing ourselves the way God does reminded me of this little table that received a big change in identity and was given a new purpose.

This transformation didn’t occur in your typical Pinterest fashion. This was more of a transformation of purpose.

I found this table at a garage sale and bought it for $10. It had no real purpose. It was no longer wanted. It was about to be somebody’s trash.

My neighbor helped me put a new coat of varnish on it just to spruce up it’s color and that’s about it. No major sanding. No painting. No new knobs. No fancy stenciling. This was probably about 8 years ago, and I still have this little garage sale table. It’s not the cutest thing ever, but it has taken on special meaning to me and I hope to my kids.

Here it is…our holiday table.


It’s the home of current school pictures and all the holiday “vomit” that a little table can handle.

My Aunt made me these little reversible holiday runners that might otherwise not have a place in my home decor, but they’re perfect for this table.

If it’s colorful, slightly corny, and 100% holiday, then it has a home on my table.


Birthday cards, candy dishes, and trolls are a must.

I’m so happy that I was able to give this table a new purpose and I hope that one day my kids fight over who gets the “holiday table” for their own home. If the table doesn’t last that long, I at least hope they’ll want to recreate the tradition.

When you consider the processes of “making” or tackling a “DIY” project, just remember that creating something meaningful is more important that creating something Pinterest-worthy.

Do you have a special item in your home that has received a purposeful transformation?

We’d love for you to share!


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