Wine Barrel Fairy Garden

When my dear friend Michelle PCS’d (military lingo for moved to a new base), she left me these two large wine barrels. She always had them filled with beautiful flowers and I had always loved seeing them at the entrance to her home. I was stoked to have them and honored that she’d leave them with me.

Confession: Roughly nine months out of the year they sit in front of my home empty.


Poor wine barrel. Empty. Desolate. Unused. Unloved. Uncared for.

It’s SO sad. I feel awful. I have not done those barrels justice. At all.

I do try. Every spring (or sometimes summer if I’m really lagging) I fill up the barrel with flowers and then we water them (by we, I mean my husband. It’s no wonder he hates when I speak of anything related to gardening) But then, because I planted all annuals like a dummy I always forget to water it (I like blaming it on the annuals), everything dies, the barrel looks nasty, and then it sits empty for months on end.

Clearly I’m not very good at this, yet here I go again.

This time, however, I roped my daughter into the project with me…what 8 year old wouldn’t want to make a fairy garden with her mama!? And at least this way two of us are responsible for watering, haha!


Nothing incredibly Pinterest worthy, but the time I spent with my daughter was precious. It’s our fairy garden. It was a labor of love that we did together. We get to be excited together when the flowers begin to grow over the sides instead of shrivel unto their death. It wasn’t about the project itself, it was about the memory we made. That’s more important than any pin or like I can get.




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