Old Things Made New

There is something so satisfying about taking sandpaper and rubbing away an old finish.  One that is scratched, or worn, speckled with years of use and a hard life, and then exposing the beautiful raw wood that is hiding beneath.  The unblemished perfect wood with deep lines and grains and that familiar, earthy smell.  Is that just me?

Recently, my in-laws, upon our request, gifted us their old dining table and chairs.  We have been looking for a vintage piece for our dining room and I had the idea that we might be able to refinish it and give it a new life.  It was a Danish Teak and the color was a little orangey for our taste, but I could see the potential.

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The neat thing about this table is that it is full of memories.  It was the table that my husband grew up eating at and that his family, who I love dearly, sat around made memories at.  I think it is such a gift to be able to give it a second life with years of memories from our family.

The chairs were crying to be updated.  Even my mother-in-law agreed that it was definitely time.

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So over Spring Break, the kids and I (and Keith too!) got to work.  Donny helped me take the chairs apart.  He faithfully used that screwdriver to undo every screw.  Keith helped take out all of the staples that held the fabric in place.  He did this late at night while I worked on recovering them.  During the day, Evie and I sanded our hearts out.

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I chose to re-stain them with a Danish oil.  I read countless reviews and thought this would give it a pretty, soft finish, and just the vintage look we were going for.  I went shopping for fabric and found some home decor fabric in the bargain bin (score!) and in just a few days time, the chairs had new life.

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The table will get its face-lift this summer when I have them time to dedicate a few days to it.  I will sand away the old, warn finish, and once again, oil it and make it new.

I cannot help by think of Christ when I think of things being made new.  God must feel this way when we give our lives to him.  Excited that he can sand away the blemishes,  rub out that which does not belong and see his beloved creation, untarnished.  Then he oils us and makes us usable to him.  He knows that he might have to sand away scratches and things in the future, but he does not put any less effort into what he is doing today.  Making us new.  I feel like it is a gift when God gives us the chance to see his work in our craft.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
2 Corinthians 5:17

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