Southern Comfort


My mom’s family is from the south.  Alabama to be exact.  My great Grammy, the matriarch of our family and the queen of comfort food, and her husband, my great-grandfather, relocated to California when my grandma was just a child.  She raised four daughters and left a legacy of the Proverbs 31 Woman.

If you ask any of her 12 grand kids or 26 great grand kids, or even 10 of her great-great grand kids, what they miss most about her, chances are, among the list of things, are her chicken and dumplings.

As little kids, sick days meant days spent with Grammy on her couch watching Regis and Kathy Lee and munching on bowls full of that delightful goodness.  In high school, those that lived in town would sometimes miss class or take long lunches to have our bellies filled with her dumplings.

Now as adults, we have the means and know-how to whip up a pot of the dumplings ourselves, yet they are always missing that sweet dash of love that she poured into every bowl.

After Grammy passed in the Fall of 2015, these cutting boards were made with the recipe copied in her handwriting.  Enjoy!



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