Joy in the Process

My dad is for sure one of my favorite humans. He is not without fault, but as his daughter I get to ignore those if I want. So there.

He’s one of the best listeners I know. He will let me ramble on..and on…and on. Poor guy. But he never says a word. He just sits and gives me every ounce of his attention. He doesn’t reach for his phone. He doesn’t try to change the subject. He doesn’t bring up his own issues. He just listens. It’s something I’m so thankful for.

I’m a dreamer and I think I get that from both my mom and my dad. So when I share my frustrations about work, and purpose, and goals, and dreams, and wanting to make an impression on our world, my dad totally gets it. When I ask, “Is this all there is to my life?” he gets that it’s not out of unhappiness or not being content, but a desire to push towards something new, to reach for my dreams, to improve, to always be moving forward.

One of my big frustrations as a creative person is not having just one single creative passion. The desire to dabble in lots of creative pursuits gets overwhelming sometimes. I always have this feeling like I need to just pick something and stick with it. Be a painter. Be a jewelry maker. Be a quilter. Be something, but just stick with one thing.

Side note: My husband would also probably prefer it. Instead he’s stuck with ALL the craft supplies for ALL different creations I’m working on.

I was venting about all of this to my dad during one of his visits and he helped me realize (without saying all that much) that it’s okay that my passion isn’t necessarily the medium, but rather the process.

I love gathering my materials and transforming them into something new. The time, the precision, the thought, the process and craft of creating is what brings me real joy. I can be crocheting a scarf, making a bracelet, making a wreath, or sewing a cosmetic bag, it doesn’t really matter to me. I love it all! I love looking at a finished project and thinking, wow, I did that!


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