3 Ways to Up Your Water Intake


I am sure that you have heard at one time or another how important it is to drink water. I know I am not alone though as a busy working mom when there are days I get to dinner and realize that I have barely made a dent in that magical 8 cups a day.

That was until last year when I made it a goal to consume half my bodyweight in ounces a day. I set out on a mission to be a faithful water consumer and I can happily report that I meet my 8 cup a day minimum every day. Here are some of the tips that helped bring some more joy to the task of drinking enough water.

1. Buy a pretty water bottle. I know it may seem so simple and slightly…well vain…but having a pretty water bottle to drink out of may help you remember to bring it with you just to show it off!  It makes it a little more fun.

2. Infuse your water! You can buy special pitchers and water bottles that let you infuse fruit into your water because many people get bored with just plain water. But add some lemon, mint, and blueberries? Now you are talking!

3. Get a MyHydrate smart system water bottle (or another similar brand). So this is a little techy, and little pricey for a water bottle…BUT this was my trick. The water bottle has a battery on top and it tracks how much you are drinking throughout the day. If you have not had anything to drink for an hour, the bottle will beep at you to remind you to take a drink. Each morning you reset it and if you meet the 8 bottle goal, you get a cute little victory chime! Silly? Maybe, but it trained me to drink more water and now I don’t even rely on it.

Did you know that properly hydrating yourself can help you lose weight, sleep better, and improve your complexion?  It doesn’t have to be a boring, bland experience.  I hope that my little tips bring a little more joy to the task!



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