Post: Sharing in Creativity

One of the things that brings me the greatest joy is sharing in creative projects with others. Hosting my Table Creative events at my house, where women gather and I help walk them through a project, fills up my creative tank. We laugh together, share with one another, and going through the creative process together unites us in a special way.

Recently, my 8 year old daughter asked if we can host a Table Creative for kids. I immediately loved the idea and didn’t hesitate for a moment before giving her a resounding YES!

We set out right away trying to find a project that would be appropriate, fun, and unique for kids her age. One thing that people might not understand is that those cute, adorable projects you find on Pinterest, don’t always translate into something as easy to replicate, especially when you’re planning to work with 8 year olds within a 2 hour time frame.

We found some swirly clay bowls that we thought would be easy enough to do, but in my wisdom I’ve learned that you have to try out a project first before inviting everyone over to do it, otherwise you could be in a world of hurt trying to turn the project into reality. I had to learn that the hard way.

So we set out on our mission to gather supplies and give these clay bowls a go. We read tutorial after tutorial on how to do them and this is what we settled on.


The process was pretty simple. Roll a “snake” with each of your clay colors. We used four.  Twist them in opposite directions from the ends. Fold in half and twist again. Smoosh into a ball and then roll out.

We used a mason jar lid to cut out our circle, but any circular object should work okay. We placed our circle into a bowl and baked it according to the directions on our Sculpey. Interestingly enough, finding a bowl that gave us the shape we wanted for our mini bowls was the hardest part.

When it was done, we gave it a little coat of silver paint along the rim.


So here’s the verdict. The bowls are cute enough. Not our favorite project ever. Maybe it was our color choices? Either way, the amount of wait time in this project is too long for a kids Table Creative event. I’d have to plan another activity in between while we wait for the bowls to cook and then completely cool. It’s back to the drawing board for us.


Although this project didn’t meet the criteria for our event, we had a blast creating together. And this is just part of the creative process. Not everything you try works. You probably won’t love every project you make. It’s okay.

I encourage you to continue to pursue time to be creative. Bring your family and friends along with you for the journey. Often times, there is more joy found in the person you’re sharing your creativity with than in the actual project and I really love that.


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